Client Advantage

Client Advantages Working with SCLLC

SCLLC’s structuring and distribution capabilities provide significant advantages to a prospective client. These benefits include the following: 

Ability to Create Competition for Financing

Ability to Create Competition for Financing SCLLC can significantly reduce an issuer's cost of capital and enhance its operating flexibility by aggressively marketing the debt and equity components of a transaction through a well-articulated offering memorandum to a targeted market, and when appropriate pursuing a process which creates an "auction" environment for the issuer's capital needs with potential investors.

Access to Extensive Network of Institutional Investors

SCLLC has developed extensive and long-standing relationships with the institutional investor marketplace. This 45-year historical and current flow of transactions gives SCLLC presence and recognition in the market. Through SCLLC, a client will be able to gain access to a broad and extensive investor universe.

Full-Service Capability

As the company name implies, Structured Capitals expertise in the capital markets with debt and equity structures is such that virtually any combination of financing needs may be accommodated, including: senior debt, subordinated debt, private equity and interest rate and currency swaps. SCLLC has the experience and capacity to provide its clients with expedited execution and superior service.

Structuring Expertise

SCLLC is experienced in integrating all levels of financing, assuring the optimum structure of debt and equity consistent with the issuer's objective of reducing overall financing costs, maintaining maximum equity ownership, and maximizing operating flexibility.


SCLLC is a private firm that receives virtually all its business through referrals. The Firm's small size and the experience of its managing directors and professionals in working with closely-held companies have allowed it to protect its clients' confidentiality until such time as a transaction has been completed and a public announcement has been made.