Today, the demand for high quality merger, acquisition, and corporate finance advisory services by middle market companies has never been greater. These businesses — with sales generally between $5 and $150 million — face growth, liquidity and financing issues rarely addressed by larger corporations. At the same time, Wall Street firms, regional investment banks and commercial banks have either ignored this market or chosen not to commit their most experienced professionals or other resources to meeting the needs of this market.

SCLLC specializes in providing financial advisory services to middle market companies exclusively. The firm’s investment banking services encompass mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, private placements of debt and equity, restructurings, project financing, and general strategic advice. SCLLC brings several important advantages to every client relationship, including the following:

Mr. Hull, SCLLC’s Managing Director, has over 45 years of combined transactional corporate finance experience at leading money-center commercial banks and regional investment banking firms. Mr. Hull  also has extensive management and board level experience with middle market companies in a wide range of industries. Mr. Hull is  is personally involved in each engagement, regardless of its size.

Mr. Hull  is actively involved in middle market transactions.  This visibility and continuity of contact allows SCLLC to maintain an active dialogue with capital providers, as well as with buyers and sellers of middle market

companies. Personal relationships and proprietary databases are supplemented through the use of numerous on-line and industry-specific databases, including over 8,000 contacts with potential funding sources.

Since SCLLC does not maintain any accounting, brokerage, direct banking or other business relationships with clients; its recommendations are completely independent and unbiased. Compensation is tied to the successful completion of transactions for its clients, not their duration. SCLLC will advise a client not to pursue a transaction if the potential costs of going forward outweigh the benefits for the client.

SCLLC’s size and non-bureaucratic style is consistent with its focused market approach. The firm’s small size enables clients to receive prompt, personal attention and ensures confidentiality. Furthermore, the collegial style of the firm allows a frequent and efficient sharing of market intelligence among the principals that benefits its clients.

Clients appreciate the seasoned business judgment that comes from having a veteran experienced financial advisor involved with every assignment. SCLLC provides its clients with honest, pragmatic advice for meeting their objectives and develops a realistic timetable for each assignment.

Most importantly, Mr. Hull  has made a professional commitment to serving the investment banking needs of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial segment of the U.S. economy—the middle market. The firm places a high value on its relationships with the individuals and families who lead these diverse businesses. For companies considering a middle market transaction of any type, or those who would simply like to learn more about the firm, SCLLC welcomes the opportunity to discuss its capabilities.